Oct 27, 2009

It should be fun

I just read jorunner's blog and I agree sometimes it is difficult to make that choice to move. But I also read the new report about ninth graders who have serious risk factors for heart disease and strokes ,so we have to get people motivated. So here is the fun in the motivation:

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Oct 22, 2009

Motivation to move and write.

I've been MIA for the past several months. I've been to Europe and back, and I've settled into another fall routine with work, school and activity. However, I've been struggling with motivation to move and this has translated into a lack of inspiration to write.

How do we get out of the funk and actually inspire ourselves to move more? Walkabout helps provide the resources to support individuals in taking the first step, however what actually motivates someone to want to step on the bridge and support change? As I struggle to find time for activity - in my case running and going to the gym - in the midst of my busy day, I received a sobering thought: we all struggle with our lives and the health messages we receive to be active. However, knowing what to do and doing what you need to do are often two different things. And, even when you know what to do, and take steps to do it, there's the cold hard fact that the supports and environments required to support the decision are not always in place.

This is what I pondered as I pushed myself to go for a run yesterday. I didn't want to run. I wanted to sleep, or watch TV --- anything other than the physical act of running. It was a mental battle. I had to negotiate with myself: I will just put my sneakers on and go outside; I don't HAVE to run. I can just walk, or sit outside, but I have to get outside. Twenty minutes later I convinced myself to get out the door, and I headed to Point Pleasant Park. I tried to focus on the fresh fall smell and the colors outside to distract myself from the nagging feeling that I didn't want to be active. I'm not going to lie - the truth is, it didn't help. I was well aware that my body was screaming for me to stop and no amount of re framing of the other benefits of this active experience was going to override that reality.

This is my journey. And I'm sharing it with you. Research tells us that social supports are important in steps to behavior change. So, my step today is to acknowledge how I feel and to try to identify what's affecting my motivation. This may be one of the first steps on the road to change and to finding my passion for moving and writing again.

Walk the Marconi Rail Trail

Bridge on The Marconi Rail Trail The wild life is returning to the ponds at the former heavy water plant

Sunday 01 November, Guided Walk Event

Registration: 1:30pm, Start Time: 2:00pm

Marconi Towers Trail (My name for this portion of the S&L Railroad)

5/10k Rated 1C, note our original assessment of this trail was 2C however the new SP for this year has made it much easier then previous walk s on this trail.

Start Point: 755 Hwy 255 (Donkin/Glace Bay Hwy)

The start point for this walk event is the “former Heavy Water Plant” parking lot in front of building #1 and please note that there are signs indicating the highway is closed except for “local traffic”. The road is open to the former plant and we will have signs directing you to the parking lot.

Walk Leader: Rollie Coombes, 849-0747, bretonhoppers@hotmail.com

Oct 15, 2009

More Celtic Colors fun


Gather your family and friends to enjoy the Scenery and Beauty along the Coxheath Hills Trail

When: Saturday, October 17th, 1 - 4 pm

What: The sound of Cape Breton music will be ini the air from pipers and fiddlers and experts will be along the trail to answer questions about the wildlife.

After the hike, join the Ceilidh in Knox Hall with fiddler Hanna Stockey and Kolten MadConeell on keyboard. Refreshments will be on hand.

Note: The trail and hall are located on Coxheath Road at the Blackett's Lake turnoff. Contact 564-6352 for more info.

I'll be there with Grandkids in tow!

Oct 6, 2009

Celtic Colors and all things fun in CB

Well we are headed for the Thanksgiving weekend in CB ad we all know what that means...too much turkey, so I'm suggesting a few other things to gladden your heart rather than feeding it too much.
For starters there is the Celtic Colors festival. How can you not get moving when you hear all those great Celtic tunes? And there are venues all over the Island from Port Hawkesbury to Sydney around to Ingonish. Take in any one of them and you will be rubbing elbows with the International visitors who can't believe our good fortune to live in this wonderful province! For you choices visit www.celticcolors.com

For myself I've planned a couple of Walkabout celebrations to drop in on this week and weekend. You'll see some Walkabout participants strolling along with their Nordic Walking sticks in Inverness Town on the 8th and on the weekend , after the big concert at the Joan Harris Pavilion, more Walkabout leaders willl be joining in the ISle MAdame Eco Trail Family fun day . Visit growislemadame.com to find out more about this fabulous trail. We'll be leaving on the Blue Trail at the boudreauville entrance at 2:00 PM on Sunday and there are many family activities planned for the afternoon.

Of course there is always the great pumpkin walk. Find a local patch and walk through with your kids until you find the perfect one!