Jun 28, 2009

not stuck in the mud

Imagine how proud as a peacock I was on Saturday when Grandkids number 1&3 did the Not since Moses basket run!With much slipping and sticking (shoes) in the mud they rounded the finish line with Dad and puppy in tow in time to get the basket run medals.
Then on up the hill to see the Heart and Stroke gang ( basket cases really) getting ready to launch off on the 10 k . Sunday my better half and I volunteered in the Minas Basin while daughter number 2 ran her 10 k.It couldn't have been better.In fact five hours later there was 41 feet of water where I was Standing! How cool!
Check out the front page of the CH Sunday edition to see what 350-400 muddy runners /walkers look like.
Oh and by the way, I saw a peacock in full color on the way out of Five Islands. I guess he was proud of them too! Check the walkabout facebook site for picturs later in the week.

Jun 24, 2009

fun look at Mud run

If you are wondering what in the world will this thing be like, look at the videos and descriptions in these helpful sites:




Jun 22, 2009

Walking, rocking, radio and more...

As my bio indicates, I work at the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Nova Scotia. I spend a lot of time ensuring that Walkabout is consistent in its look, and true to its being: supporting Nova Scotians in walking, and providing the tools and resources to support the pitter-patter of steps.

I also get to work on creative projects as well. One of the components of Walkabout includes a campaign focused on changing the way we think about walking. Walking is not glamorous. I know. However, here's the thing: I also think it is one of our best kept secrets - it can bring friends together for an evening, allow you to connect with your pet dog (or someone else's), helps you clear your head, and the lists goes on. Part of what we're focusing on is bringing that magic back.

We recently developed radio spots to support the Walkabout message. These cheeky, light-hearted pieces are engaging and pack a lot of punch. I invite you to listen to them here. Venture down the page to the bottom where the links are to the radio commercials! The main message is about walking, but there are also virtual ways to share this message: send an e-card, join the Facebook fan page, share interesting information you find on Twitter or other sites. Think of it as virtual walking 8--)

Where does walking take you? For me, I walk to and from work everyday (well - there was an exception when it was raining, if you'll recall from an earlier post), and I use the time to get lost in my head or work through work or home issues on my plate. Where does walking take you? I'd love to know, so share your walking secrets with a comment to this post!


According to Helen Keller, it is better to walk in the dark with a friend than to walk alone. ( Yes I did the cryptoquote this morning) . But how true it is. I'm looking forward to walking with the Grand kids again at the Not since Moses walk in Parrsborro NS this weekend. If anyone has any pull with the weather person, please use it for Sat and Sun. Check it out www.notsincemoses.com at and check out the Walkabout team as they walk/run/slip their way to the islands on Sunday

Jun 19, 2009

Scenic Main a Dieu

I had the pleasure not long ago to combine two of my favorite things ... Library visit and walking. What more could you ask for? Well I got it. I was privileged to walk with some of the Main a Dieu folks who were and are responsible for the fabulous Main A Dieu Coastal Discovery centre(You can find out more at wwww.coastaldiscoverycentre.ca ).We went for a talk and walk on the first warm CB day, and while it was warm and sunny in Sydney, it was sunny in Main a Dieu and I was glad to have my sunhat to keep my head warm. But I could feel the warmth of the sun on my face while we walked down the beach around the boardwalk. All the sunshine makes the solar panels on the front of the building an understandable renovation. All along the boardwalk, there are look off nooks to see wild vegetation and to gaze out into the deep blue water. I can't think of anything more inviting than this beach on a July day. Then you could spend the day swimming, picnicking, poking around the local C@P site ( where you could borrow a walkabout pedometer) , touring the museum, and finishing up by borrowing a book from the library on site,. If you forget your picnic lunch, you could pop into the restaurant where the fish chowder makes the visit memorable in its own right.
And if you go down to the end of the Harbor, Moque Head Trail is an easy hour walk.

By the way, my goal this summer is to hit all of the CB groups who are walking for Walkabout and join them at least once. Let me know where you are and I'll come along for a walk.

Jun 18, 2009

CB Youth Fiddlers Run/Walk

My weekend was made a roaring success, not only because all four grand kids were in residence, but because all four decided to take part in the Dr's NS CB Fiddlers Youth run. While I made my way to the volunteer lines at 8:00 am , four little folks found runners, hats, and sunscreen and made their way in for the 11 am start. Over 600 youth from just about 3 years of age to Junior High were in the Joan Harris Pavilion next to the big fiddle to set out. I had the privilege to hang out with a very enthusiastic bunch of Grade 3 students before the official start.
Grand kid Number 1 was initially pointed in the Tots Run but stepped up to run with the elementary school kids.You couldn't have seen a happier face when he arrived at the finish line, and arrived before some of the big Junior High kids finished their run He and his Mom had a great time. And so did all other 599 participants. Lots of green T-shirts arrived at schools on Monday with the medal for proud display!

Meanwhile back at the Tot Trot, there were over 40 little folks who ran, walked, or toddled through the bubbles around the five laps to come in for a big finish to medals and cheers. I don't know who had the most fun, the runners or the watchers!

Jun 13, 2009

Walk the stress away

Walking seems so simple and uninteresting. I mean it's just one foot in front of the other until you reach your destination. Not very many people think of how complex it really is. For something you learn when you're very young it sure is useful. Walking can be used for something as simple as going to get the mail or as difficult as going across Canada. Today I decided walking would be used as a stress reliever. With exams starting on Monday and other issues building up, I could barely think. I didn't think that any amount of spa treatment could possibly help me now. I seemed to have everything going wrong precisely when school had to be my number one priority if I wanted to pass exams. Of course there wasn't much I could do about most of these problems but bite my finger nails and worry. There wasn't much I could do about anything I, after all I was just a kid to the majority of people. This morning though I decided that everything was going to be forgotten and today was going to be my me day. I had studied so much that I swore I could take the English exam on Monday in my sleep. I always had tomorrow to cram a little more. I could definitely afford and use a me day. In movies and novels 'me days' usually consisted of shopping and going out to lunch. I do not only find shopping unbelievably boring but fast food makes me feel sick so these things were not for me. I decided this morning that maybe my 'me day' could start with a picnic on the beach with nothing but my black lab Sasha. Surprisingly there wasn't many people on the beach this morning. I guess most people wait until a little later in the day to show up. The sound of waves crashing and fresh air was just what I needed to forget about everything on my mind. Walking across the sandy beach may not seem like much but when you have the beautiful scenery, the nice sounds and the wonderful feeling of the fresh air going through your lungs it really is something. Relaxing doesn't always have to be on a couch watching t.v or in a spa getting a massage, it could be walking down the beach letting the cool breeze massage and relax every tense muscle in your body.
- Sarah

Jun 12, 2009

Running away for the day

There are a few times a year when I just run away from home...just for a day. Saturday was one of those days. No one had a job for me to do, I had no obligations, and I found myself in Truro with no plans. So I just let my nose take me where it would.( It is spring after all and the blossoms are coming out.)

You know I have a few bad habits... and gardening is just one...Spending money is another, so when I can combine the two, how perfect. I started the day at the Truro Farmers market. ( Farm Markets are an entire subject unto themselves) . But since I have a gardening habit, it was mainly for the plants I went. And what a selection of vendors there was. Trees, native species, little gems I don't yet have. What more could I hope for? Well there was some great coffee and a a few crafts that called out my name as I passed by.

Next I hit a few antique shops , luckily no room for furniture in the vehicle. But lots to see.

Then a great little bistro near Margolians . I think it may even be in the same spot I used to buy fabric for my Quilting volunteers in another life. Then the highlight was up to AC to see the rock garden.The last time I was there, it was a work in progress. Now it is just a wonderful spot to go . I could walk around it all day and still see some flowers I missed on the last pass. And I was drooling over a pasque flower. ( Fate had it that my daughter bought one for me at the Halifax Farmers market , so I am now thinking about where to put it at home.) But there are samples of a scree garden that might have an influence on me too! Anyway if you want to go, checkout this site www.panoramio.com/photo/286433, and it includes directions. Or else visit nsac.ca/nscc-map/rockgarden.asp to take a peek. Then put your shoes on and take a walk to AC.