Feb 2, 2010

Baby It's cold outside

Yeah...winter has come. And it is cold..very cold! But one way to warm up is to take several of your favorite people and go for a walk. That's what we did this weekend. We were lucky because the Baille Ard Trail Association was primed for a Take the roof off winter event.(http://www.acapcb.ns.ca/baille_ard_trail/)

Numbers 2 & 4 were keen to go and Gramma was too. It was only -10 and windy so dressing in layers was a must.According to the Walkaboutns.ca website, in a nutshell you need to be properly prepared to really enjoy walking in a winter wonderland. It's a bit like preparing to go cross country skiing or winter hiking. Just a few simple steps. We suggest you have:
•Good Shoes & Shoe Traction Gear
•Layered Clothing, Gloves, Head Gear & Sunglasses
•Nordic Walking Poles (recommended)
Lots more info on the website so check it out.
Kids have the best gear so really I just needed to find my snow pants, add another layer to my jacket and away we went.

We met lots of great folks there and the grandkids and I followed another family group along behind one of the trail mascots and her owner. There were lots of tracks to see, signs of a woodpecker at work,and a scavenger hunt with prizes at the end. No one wanted to leave but a new hat ( thanks Rec NS ) and a stop at the local Bistro for hot Chocolate ( Thanks Wentworth Perk for mini portions) and we were all set. We had a great time, the trail is wonderful any time of the year, and best of all Mom and Dad had a few minutes to get ready for the next week.

To find out more about Take the Roof off Winter events visit the Recreation NS website and plan your event soon.

Now for Valentines day, We'll dust off the snowshoes because the CB Island Hoppers are having a Take the Roof Off winter event at ski Ben Eoin! There is no end of fun to be had in the CB winter.

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