Jun 12, 2009

Running away for the day

There are a few times a year when I just run away from home...just for a day. Saturday was one of those days. No one had a job for me to do, I had no obligations, and I found myself in Truro with no plans. So I just let my nose take me where it would.( It is spring after all and the blossoms are coming out.)

You know I have a few bad habits... and gardening is just one...Spending money is another, so when I can combine the two, how perfect. I started the day at the Truro Farmers market. ( Farm Markets are an entire subject unto themselves) . But since I have a gardening habit, it was mainly for the plants I went. And what a selection of vendors there was. Trees, native species, little gems I don't yet have. What more could I hope for? Well there was some great coffee and a a few crafts that called out my name as I passed by.

Next I hit a few antique shops , luckily no room for furniture in the vehicle. But lots to see.

Then a great little bistro near Margolians . I think it may even be in the same spot I used to buy fabric for my Quilting volunteers in another life. Then the highlight was up to AC to see the rock garden.The last time I was there, it was a work in progress. Now it is just a wonderful spot to go . I could walk around it all day and still see some flowers I missed on the last pass. And I was drooling over a pasque flower. ( Fate had it that my daughter bought one for me at the Halifax Farmers market , so I am now thinking about where to put it at home.) But there are samples of a scree garden that might have an influence on me too! Anyway if you want to go, checkout this site www.panoramio.com/photo/286433, and it includes directions. Or else visit nsac.ca/nscc-map/rockgarden.asp to take a peek. Then put your shoes on and take a walk to AC.

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