May 29, 2009

Nova Scotia election candidates on the move!

Great news - Walkabout's election challenge has sparked interest across the province, resulting in a flurry of candidates signing on for their own informal walking challenge. For the rest of the campaign (and possibly beyond), they will wear Walkabout pedometers, track their steps online for a friendly competition, and hopefully spark conversations about the issues this brings to light, issues like infrastructure, health and healthcare costs, active transportation, gas prices, the environment, and community safety. Here's the news release, and here's the great part of the story as far as I'm concerned:
Politics is not a drive-by sport. These folks know that, if you want to really connect with people, you've got to do it on foot. I learned a similar lesson on a personal level when I gave up most driving for short distances - I got to know my neighbourhood a lot better, and I enjoy it a lot more. But more on that later....

In other news.... with the warmer weather, beautiful "street parties" are popping up all over the place, including in some extreme places - like Times Square, which is typically wall-to-wall cars. Check out these pictures of pedestrians reclaiming the street!

... and from the sounds of it, it may become permanent. What I would call a pedestriarchy.

Makes me want to get out my white paint can and claim my own street for a sunny stroll this weekend. Instead I will settle for some HRM Bike Week activities ( . Walkers bike and cyclists walk - streets which are friendly to cyclists are very much in the Walkabout spirit. It's true - walk and roll can save the world :)

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