May 5, 2009

The little engine that could (walk, run, play...)

The annual Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon is just around the corner and I have signed up to run the half marathon. Now, 21 km is no joke. After completing this run, I will have three half marathons logged with my running sneakers. However, the training - mentally and physically - doesn't get any easier.

The way I see it, whether you're running 21km or walking 21 km, there's a certain amount of focus and commitment required. Not to mention, a whole lot of steps logged, water consumed and memories made. For the first time, I've kept a journal about my running experience. And while there's still two weeks to go, upon reflection, I've come to realize that the real learning isn't in the distance I've logged, but in the thoughts I've kept, the people I've seen and the places I've been.
I've witnessed pure, raw friendship that comes from a congratulatory high-five or hug after a long run. I have thought about why I'm running, and the negative demons that can haunt my steps. I've seen rain drops dance along the pavement and I've seen the sun glisten off citidal hill after a snowfall. I've even seen my running partner throw-up. Now that's dedication.

So, while I've logged many kilometers, and countless steps, the journey has also been emotional as well. This year, I will be running with my brother, and taking part in the kids run with my niece. So, while the training has been long, it's the journey (and destination) that's worth a thousand words.

I'm not sure how many of you are participating in this year's marathon weekend, but for all you runners and walkers, I wish you happiness and good luck! Whether you're running or walking the 5, 10, 21 or 42 km, there's distance to be covered and memories to be made. So relish in it.

Steps to ponder:
  • 10 days, 29 hours, 29 minutes until the marathon.

  • This year, if you're participating in the Blue Nose Marathon, you can also join a charity challenge team. I'm on the the Heart and Stroke Foundation team. If you're walking or running, you can join our team as well! Or you can pledge to support the team (shameless team promotion I know 8--)

  • There once was a little train engine with some very wise words: "I think I can. I think I can!"

  • Good luck!

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