May 6, 2009

Summer is coming

So is it really pre-summer or was that just a teaser last week?
We think it is really going to happen. So many firsts. The first slug crawling up the driveway, the first ladybug on the bikes, the first bonfire of the season, the first earwig. As you can see many of these firsts are not at all my favorites but... the best is watching the magnolia tree blossom. And you can just see it , bit by bit, all day as the blossoms slowly open up. I have to tell you the magnolia is a stunner. And I can sit in my old rocking chair and see it even when I am not outside. I consider this spot of ground a little bit of paradise ; but I am sure others have their own spots to think about.

And I can think of one.
Really I don't ever think that I'd like to live in the "big city" but I am a little jealous when I hear that the Halifax Public Gardens are going to open tomorrow. Check it out at I think it is one of my favorite gardens to walk about. If I lived in Halifax I'd be grabbing my sun screen, my hat,my lunch, and heading over to the gardens every noon hour to see what's in bloom, what's new with the ducks, and who is entertaining in the grandstand. But for those of you who live there, take a walk over for me and take a look around at the spectacular beauty that has withstood the storms of this century and last, the pressure from developers, and the wonderful planning of the designer! While I, at home in the country, will enjoy a scenic vista a little less grand but almost as satisfying. This week Number 3 has been picking flowers with wild abandon. Her mother chastised her and told her not to take any more flowers into the house. So when I went outside , every puddle and the birdbath had a lovely daffodil arranged nicely in it!

So take a walk to wherever your heart leads you and enjoy your surroundings!

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