Jun 28, 2009

not stuck in the mud

Imagine how proud as a peacock I was on Saturday when Grandkids number 1&3 did the Not since Moses basket run!With much slipping and sticking (shoes) in the mud they rounded the finish line with Dad and puppy in tow in time to get the basket run medals.
Then on up the hill to see the Heart and Stroke gang ( basket cases really) getting ready to launch off on the 10 k . Sunday my better half and I volunteered in the Minas Basin while daughter number 2 ran her 10 k.It couldn't have been better.In fact five hours later there was 41 feet of water where I was Standing! How cool!
Check out the front page of the CH Sunday edition to see what 350-400 muddy runners /walkers look like.
Oh and by the way, I saw a peacock in full color on the way out of Five Islands. I guess he was proud of them too! Check the walkabout facebook site for picturs later in the week.

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