Jun 13, 2009

Walk the stress away

Walking seems so simple and uninteresting. I mean it's just one foot in front of the other until you reach your destination. Not very many people think of how complex it really is. For something you learn when you're very young it sure is useful. Walking can be used for something as simple as going to get the mail or as difficult as going across Canada. Today I decided walking would be used as a stress reliever. With exams starting on Monday and other issues building up, I could barely think. I didn't think that any amount of spa treatment could possibly help me now. I seemed to have everything going wrong precisely when school had to be my number one priority if I wanted to pass exams. Of course there wasn't much I could do about most of these problems but bite my finger nails and worry. There wasn't much I could do about anything I, after all I was just a kid to the majority of people. This morning though I decided that everything was going to be forgotten and today was going to be my me day. I had studied so much that I swore I could take the English exam on Monday in my sleep. I always had tomorrow to cram a little more. I could definitely afford and use a me day. In movies and novels 'me days' usually consisted of shopping and going out to lunch. I do not only find shopping unbelievably boring but fast food makes me feel sick so these things were not for me. I decided this morning that maybe my 'me day' could start with a picnic on the beach with nothing but my black lab Sasha. Surprisingly there wasn't many people on the beach this morning. I guess most people wait until a little later in the day to show up. The sound of waves crashing and fresh air was just what I needed to forget about everything on my mind. Walking across the sandy beach may not seem like much but when you have the beautiful scenery, the nice sounds and the wonderful feeling of the fresh air going through your lungs it really is something. Relaxing doesn't always have to be on a couch watching t.v or in a spa getting a massage, it could be walking down the beach letting the cool breeze massage and relax every tense muscle in your body.
- Sarah

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