Jun 22, 2009

Walking, rocking, radio and more...

As my bio indicates, I work at the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Nova Scotia. I spend a lot of time ensuring that Walkabout is consistent in its look, and true to its being: supporting Nova Scotians in walking, and providing the tools and resources to support the pitter-patter of steps.

I also get to work on creative projects as well. One of the components of Walkabout includes a campaign focused on changing the way we think about walking. Walking is not glamorous. I know. However, here's the thing: I also think it is one of our best kept secrets - it can bring friends together for an evening, allow you to connect with your pet dog (or someone else's), helps you clear your head, and the lists goes on. Part of what we're focusing on is bringing that magic back.

We recently developed radio spots to support the Walkabout message. These cheeky, light-hearted pieces are engaging and pack a lot of punch. I invite you to listen to them here. Venture down the page to the bottom where the links are to the radio commercials! The main message is about walking, but there are also virtual ways to share this message: send an e-card, join the Facebook fan page, share interesting information you find on Twitter or other sites. Think of it as virtual walking 8--)

Where does walking take you? For me, I walk to and from work everyday (well - there was an exception when it was raining, if you'll recall from an earlier post), and I use the time to get lost in my head or work through work or home issues on my plate. Where does walking take you? I'd love to know, so share your walking secrets with a comment to this post!

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