Nov 4, 2009

Walk around the River

Monday was a great fall day. Lots of sunshine, crisp temperature, and a great place to go. I was on my way to Walk around the River in River Bourgeois. The group meets Monday and Wednesday mornings at 10 am at 102 South side river and chooses the direction in which to walk. We went left,right and then returned. It,as you can see in the picture above,was a beautiful walk with a view many people only wish they could see. (We actually met a professional Photographer out for a few shots.)

On this day, we were 4 generations of women,but men are also welcome and encouraged,ages ranged from 40's to 70's,some used Nordic Walking poles and some did not,and there was lots to talk about. I even learned one of my neighbours hailed from that area.

Since it is November , information about the Veterans group showed an amazing coincidence.The area from Holland where one of our group was born had been liberated by several members of the River Bourgeois Veterans group. It is a small world.

And Walking takes you all over it, even if you only go 3-4 Kilometers !

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