Sep 29, 2010


There are a lot of firsts in September.
The first day of school for instance. We all plan for it in our families and this year was a little special since number Four went off to school for the first time. She and big sister , Number Two, walked out to meet the big yellow bus with an entourage that befitted the princess she is. Of course since then, it just Gramma and the girls.
The next first was a big sleepover with school friends. Gramma was tickled pink to hear a big noise on the doorstep and have four little hungry girls check out the menu at her house in case it was better than the pancakes Daddy was making next door ( It wasn't)! I bless the path between the houses daily, even if it did ruin the lawn!
And The Fiddlers Run had the first Marathon Walker. Wayne MacKay managed to walk the course in a very respectable time . (It was better than some runners can do!).Over 30 other walkers joined him for lesser distances , mostly the 10 k. Walking may be the "new" running!
CBRM had its first Walkabout at Work launch on the front plaza. And although it rained, the staff didn't let that stop them. You can see them every Tuesday at noon gathering together to tour the historic downtown .
What firsts have you done this month? Walk, return to work or school ? Hope it was as enjoyable as mine and that October brings even more fun.

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