Jul 6, 2009

Pedometer challenges!!!

So, I'm a bit competitive. Albeit, mostly with myself, however, if I'm faced with a challenge I generally won't shy away. When there's prizing, incentives or even bragging rights involved, I will also try my very hardest to rise to the challenge. I tell you this to set the context for what I'm going to say next.

I've entered into a friendly challenge with a close friend of mind - over the course of the next month we are tracking our steps and the person who has accumulated the fewest steps will have to be a 'beck-and-call-person' for a day. This is NOT a challenge I intend to lose. I'm already plotting the extra steps I can gain through taking the stairs and running. We've both agreed that we won't convert other activities to steps, so it's my feet that will be doing the work this month to help me with this challenge. However, my biggest weakness will be remembering to put on my pedometer; it's day 2 and my memory seems to be holding so far. For the next month I'm going to share my progress with you. I am sure there will be high and low points!

Even if you're not the competitive type, there's lots of activities taking place this summer that you can take part in if you're looking for a new way to look at walking:

Kool FM recently announced a fun challenge through Heart&Stroke Walkabout - if you track your steps in their Kool walking group for a month you have the chance to win fun prizes including new sneakers and gift-certificates just for participating! So, even if you're not into competitive challenges this is an example of a challenge where you can be a winner for participating at your own pace! Check it our here: http://www.planetkool.ca/index.asp?mn=2&id=1262&cc=7

Nova Scotia CAP sites have also launched friendly walking challenges to encourage communities to be active this summer. People can win individual and community prizes for most steps and just for participating. Find out more here: http://www.walkaboutns.ca/newsItem.aspx?id=23 .

Or, if non-competitive challenges are your thing, I invite you to share your steps and journey with me! I'll share where I walk and what I sights I see, and I would love to hear about your walking summer as well! Fingers crossed, I hope my journey involves a soon-to-be-declared-pampering day as a result of winning my own walking challenge.


  1. I decided to quit smoking on July 1st and since than have put on approximately 10lbs, so on July 7th took the challenge of putting a pedometer on to see how many steps I do put on my feet everyday. My new challenge is to increase my steps by 500 and to walk an extra mile per week to get this weight back off. I have picked up speed and am taking more steps everyday, in hopes to run the Terry Fox this year for the first time in my life....

  2. That's awesome! I hope the pedometer challenge is going well for you!

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    Have fun!