Jul 20, 2009

Walking along the waterfront

If your feet could take you, Monday's sights along the waterfront were certainly worth the walk! Tall ships flooded the harbour in Halifax this past weekend and were a treat for the eyes and feet. Monday morning I left home early and meandered along the waterfront on my way to work! What an amazing way to start the day; aside from the treat of seeing dozens of tall ships grazing on top of the sun-kissed ocean, it was very calming to see the sights and sounds along the water in the peaceful early morning before the hustle and bustle of the day. (Un)fortunately, not many people who can take advantage of the scenic and pedestrian-friendly places to walk in Halifax actually do (myself included)!

For the remainder of July, my goal will be to take a different path to work at least twice a week. Given that I like structure and routine, shaking up my walking route to work will not only allow me to see different parts of the city but it will also allow me to push my structural boundaries as well. The rewards are also breathtaking - yesterday my walking detour allowed me to catch the tall ships before the parade of sail, which took place in the afternoon (thanks to Lenn for playing photographer!).

ps. the walking challenge is progressing... and it's safe to say I am leading. While I can't claim victory yet, I did log over 20,000 steps on Friday and I am consistently hitting 10,000 steps or better on a daily basis. It looks like I will be the benefactor of a beck-and-call-person after all!

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