Sep 2, 2009

Important walks in life

Important walks indeed! I've been thinking about all those little babies who are taking that first step towards independence today in the HRM.

Granddaughter Number 3 took a long walk up the road to get her first ride in the School bus today. I am sure her father then jumped on his bike and followed the bus to the school to make sure all went well. I'll be watching my email closely for the pictures. Her big brother took the same walk not too many years ago so he was able to be the fountain of knowledge to answer her questions and to guide her along the way.

One of my colleagues was walking her daughter to school for the first time! How exciting for her little girl, how emotional for the mom. But how wonderful to WALK together instead of jumping in the car. All the way there, just think of the conversation..who will be the teacher, where is the classroom, who will she play with, when can she eat her lunch.
Maybe we should all be thinking about Walking School buses in our neighbourhoods so we can share more of those moments together.

I also attended another important first step in a long walk this summer. My niece got married. She and her Dad took that long walk down the aisle. Again think of the conversation. ( I'm sure he was saying we love your choice but if you want we can walk right out the door! and she was saying this is a great first step in a long life together) . And yes they did stop at the appointed spot and everyone was delighted to watch the ceremony.

So while all the steps we take aren't quite so momentous, there are some steps this weekend you can take with your family and friends. I found a great little walk/run in Tatamagouche that is a great way to end the summer. Take a peek at

It seems like a lot of fun. Maybe I'll see you there.

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  1. One of the most important walks in my life to date includes walking to the stage to receive my degree from university. Pretty emotional!

    Next on my list: my masters degree walk (in several years, but who's counting)!