Sep 10, 2009

Walk like a man...down Memory lane

I’ve done a lot of walking on my holidays this year. One of the most fun was the walk to see Jersey Boys,the musical of the story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.These boys from Jersey were just hitting their stride as I was getting into my teens although my better half and I were more of the Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin era. That made very little difference as we heard the old favorites like Walk like a man, Big girls don’t cry and of course Sherry Baby. It helped that some of the back stage personnel were sharing our box so we knew it had to be good when they laughed at the jokes too! It didn’t seem to matter how old you were, we saw Grandmothers ( like me) with kids in their teens and everyone was singing along. By the way they make great walking tunes for your ipod! Check it out at

As we were in the city of Toronto, I was thinking, if I lived here I wouldn’t need a car. Lots of Public Transit, lots of green spaces to walk,and a picnic in Hyde Park made me a tad jealous, but traffic whizzing by, lots of people in line for subways, and the constant sound of emergency vehicles made me glad I was just a visitor.
There are just so many places to visit in this country and in this province, I'm sorry I can't see more of them. However , this weekend , I'll be walking like myself down the Trans Canada Trail in Inverness County in the CB Island Hoppers walking Marathon. Start out in Troy, register by 10 am for the 5, 10 or 15 k, earlier by 9 if you want to do the full marathon, Hope I see you there. I'll be one of the folks in the lime green Walkabout T-shirts. Stop and say hi, and I'll try not to sing old Frankie Valli tunes!

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