Jul 27, 2010

A Little Help from my Friends

Everyone needs a friend to lend them a hand now and then or, even better, -- an extra set of feet!

We often get together with friends over a cup of coffee, a nice cold drink, or dinner. But, walking through the park, down the street, on an indoor track, or even while running an errand can be a great way to get caught up, share a laugh, and stay healthy.

Recently, a group of Heart&Stroke Walkabout walkers from Cape Breton met up with super walker Emily Forrest on her trek along the Nova Scotia coastline.

What a great way to provide some encouragement, spend time with friends, and cheer Emily on.

Kudos to the Cape Breton Walkers!

Just a reminder that at Heart&Stroke Walkabout (walkaboutns.ca) you can monitor your progress as a group or you can do it individually. Either way, it's great to spend time walking in the company of others.

A little encouragement goes a long way! Who will you offer your feet too?

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