Mar 31, 2009

I’ve just recently come back from one of those vacations that are heavenly for us folks who have the winter blahs. Here’s a shot of what the coast looks like on a breezy day.

But of course I had to let reality creep in. I took a walk on the beach, but not at the resort. Down the coast and around the turn. We were able to walk for about 30 kms (but only went 5). We saw a stretch of beach they call the Seashell cemetery. A spot where the waves pound so hard the conch shells wash up and eventually disintegrate. Beautiful to see but think of the power of that water. Last year when we were there (on the same beach) there was a fisherman and his family who lived in a traditional home. Concrete slab, wooden structure, gardens…the usual family home on the coast. Then along came a hurricane. No more house, no more concrete pad, no more trees, no more boat. Hard to be a fisherman with no boat. He is now living well back from the site in a plastic hut. Poles strung from the trees, with plastic tarp over the frame, and it was a cold winter this year. Which leads me to think about how lucky we are here in my area. Yes we have a two day storm raging around us, but when it is over, my house will still be here, I’ll still have supplies to purchase and life will go on.

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