Mar 12, 2009

Winter is over

Well, the storm forecast for last night was a shadow of what we expected…and that’s because winter is over. Finished, Kaput. Now you ask I am out of my mind? Not really. This week the signs are all there. A pussy willow came into blossom at the end of the street. ( I wish I had my camera but this is what they look like)

The deer are coming out of the woods to gather around the warm pavement. ( Keep your eyes peeled)

The kids are trying to leave the snow gear at home when they go to school.

All signs.

And March break is coming…so the snow will be soggy, the ice soft, and the mud…. well…muddy. And the kids will have a ball. Slushbogganing, puddle hopping on ice, all the fun stuff.
So we know we can handle anything that comes our way from here on in.

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