Apr 15, 2009

Rain Rain stay today little children love to play

Well the rain can mean different things to all of us. I was sitting in my rocking chair as befits an old gramma on Easter Sunday lamenting about the rain, when I realized number 4 grandchild was quietly putting on her boots ,over her night attire,and taking her new umbrella for a walk. (Apparently the Easter bunny also has a thing for umbrellas.) Now she did not see the same challenges I did. Her challenge was to sneak by the adults and get out the door without being told to get dressed!
And again I marvel at how we put obstacles in our way when none really is there. (I too own boots and an umbrella, but was not prepared to use them on such a cold drizzly day)

And it is amazing how the word spread.
Soon One, Two, and Three were in their boots, slickers and umbrellas and away they went on an adventure. Apparently it is a lot of fun to get really, really wet.
Again I thought of how social walking is, how much fun they were having, and how just one little girl (just 3 years old) could inspire an entire family to get on the move. (If only to run for the camera so we’d have a good shot of the adventure gang!)

So her song is “rain rain don’t go away”.

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