Apr 27, 2009

Spring is here

Spring is here.

What are the signs? Kids playing in the water.( #s 1 & 3 were playing in the ocean this weekend) Ducks playing in the water. I caught a glimpse of these ducks in the ditch on the road by my house. Scared of the flock of Canada Geese in the lake perhaps?

Bees buzzing around the flowers. These croci were home to the first sighting at our house this year.

And I’m glad that the bees are back. Across North America over 1/3 of the cultivated populations are being hit with some sort of illness which wipes the colony out. What would we do without these industrious little fellows? Most of our veggies at the local markets are pollinated by these little fliers. They’ve had a bad reputation but really are so necessary to life as we know it.

And the true sign of spring. As I look out my window, my trusty better half is busily pruning (or slashing ) down my favorite smoke bush . One guy's pruning is another plants massacre.

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