Apr 11, 2009

Wait, Think, Go

Sure we were cold from walking in the rain. But there we were, taking pictures of what we thought was interesting. Or, I should say, my nephew was taking pictures of what he thought was interesting.

For me, holding back as he took pictures, I found it to be an easy way to talk to him for in between me showing him how to change my camera's settings I was able to ask him about what he was doing lately. See, the thing of it all is his girlfriend
just broke up with him.

The loss of your first love is always difficult. Surprisingly, my approach worked for he wasn't as guarded as he normally is when I ask him questions.

Who knows, maybe the "so, you want to push that button on the left three times" interspersed with "so,
how are you feeling about everything" was an easy - or seamless - enough distraction to him that it didn't seem like his uncle was prying, but rather making sure he was okay.

He took these traffic light pictures, I simply told him where to stand and what to look for when we was ready. I like the photos for two reasons: first, it showed me what he thought was interesting on a windy, rainy, weekend afternoon on our way to get something to eat and second, it captured how we should approach life.

The red light means we
should stop to take time out for ourselves and for those important to us in life.

The yellow
light means we should proceed with some caution about big decisions in life.

And the green light means that if something or someone is important to us then we should go after them in life.

You never know what you'll find out or what you will see when you start to ask questions or view the world through the eyes of another when you go for a walk.

I found out that he's upset about the break up. He found out that he'll be okay.

He found out that he has an uncle he can talk to. I found out I have a nephew who likes cameras.

By talking and by walking, you'll eventually get to where you're going.

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