Aug 11, 2010

2.995 Kilometers

On Sunday August 8, after walking 2,995 kilometers through 88 communities and logging 3.4 million steps, Emily Forrest ended her almost three month long adventure in front of a crowd of close to 100 supporters.

Looking fresh, relaxed and ready for her next step, this amazing walker heard from a few people who were impressed by her accomplishment

Heart and Stroke Foundation Board Chair Dr. Gord Gubitz; Mininster of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations Ramona Jennex; and members of the Valley Trekkers Walking Club all took their turns praising Emily for identifying a goal and then taking action to fulfill that goal.

And, since no Nova Scotia event would be complete without music, the soulful sounds of Brazillian group Samba Nova created a celebratory atmosphere that any walker would enjoy - especially one who just completed 2,995 kilometers along the Nova Scotia coastline.

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