Aug 2, 2010

My very favorite Trail Buddies

This week I spent with One, Two , Three and Four in the HRM. When we could drag ourselves away from the beach, we found a few things to do that kept us outside. One of the most fun things was developing a hidden trail . We climbed over branches, through a muddy bog and some brambles to discover a neatly tucked away trail that led to the local playground. On the way we found old stone cellars ( possibly the foundation of a farmhouse of One and Three's great grandparents.) We found markings to keep the horses who used to use the trail from falling in cellars which may have store food in early times. We also found a huge stone fence which was the property line marker I think. The stones were giant sized and I can't imagine dragging them to form the fence but the pioneers must have been much hardier than I.But mostly we found old socks. ( Don't ask me why!). There were some pretty awesome rocks as well and this is one example of one that the adventurers were able to scale. Then it was over the hill and to the playground. Lots of swinging, monkey bar climbing, and snacking later, we made our way home , this time coming out in the more conventional way by the side of the lane they live on. All in all the trail cut about 2 miles off the jaunt and kept them out of traffic and certainly was more daring than going by car.

I highly recommend finding a trail near you to go exploring.(Grandchildren optional)

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