Aug 17, 2010

Fall Colours

With summer coming to a close and fall ready to begin, it's important to get excited about what's ahead -- colour. Nova Scotia is well known for its beautiful fall weather and the diverse array of colour that blooms on the trees. It's a perfect time of year to celebrate warm breezes, sunny skys and bright foilage. This combination will make even the least likely walker among us want to lace up their shoelaces and head outside.

Luckily, our province has no shortage of places to walk and hike. The opportunities are endless. Whether you visit Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Cape Split, or Delap's Cove or whether you decide to just strol through a local park, through your neighborhood or through your backyard, there is no better way to take life in and enjoy everything that fall has to offer than by going for a walk.

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