Sep 3, 2010

Storm is a-coming

You may wonder what the picture has to do with the storm, but in my mind the rain that is to come reminded me of Noah's Ark, then on to flood waters, then to the Red Sea and Moses. And the picture is of the footsteps made by 1050 walkers and runners and 150 children in the Not Since Moses event this summer in Five Islands, NS. I had the joy of standing in the middle of the sea of participants holding a sign that let people know they were in between a rock and a hard place! So are we now... No matter which way Hurricane Earl decides to go, I am either going to get really wet or have some really high winds. ( depending on which side of the eye we are on.) So my walk today will include walking around the property to gather up things that can blow away or into the windows of my house, making sure we have some water to drink if the power goes out ( we country folk lose our well pumps as soon as the power goes off) and being sure there is something good to read while we wait for the passing of the storm.

But then, the good part comes along. Like the joy of watching the runners and walkers and particularly the faces of all the kids who managed to go the distance and complete the "Mud Run", we will be able to see the sun come out, the heat go down, and enjoy the rest of a long weekend. Best of all, the silver lining of the storm cloud is that it will probably make most of us spend some time with our families and those we live with (which is what we did on the Mud Run weekend in August). So the two events have some connections in my jumbled head. So get out and enjoy the calm before the storm, stay safe during the storm, and enjoy the long weekend.


  1. Hello Ladies,
    I found you through the Walk About site. I've been checking your blog looking for a way to contact you directly, but no luck. I hope you don't mind that I have put a comment on your site. I would like to touch base with you all. I can be reached at I would appreciate if you would email me, and I will explain. Thanks so much. Happy Walking! JJ

  2. I was worried about a lack of participation in the Not Since Moses event, but it sounds like a whole lot of people do take part in it. (You said: "1050 walkers and runners and 150 children".)
    Not Since Moses was well represented with a booth at the Bluenose Marathon.

    Jane W.