Mar 3, 2009

What about other funny reactions?

After reading Jojorunner's blog about the inspiration of her furry friend, I started missing my old dog and thinking that cats really don't have the same love of snow that dogs do. If you don't believe me check out this site.
The other little creatures I hang out with usually love the snow, but the rain changed that a bit this morning. One well clad little gal in a big pink backpack tried to navigate the icy yard. To speed up the process she stepped into the snow bank where she could get some traction but ended up sinking up to her knees in soft wet snow. Now you know what happened next. Her boot got vacuum sealed in the bank, she pulled out her foot sans boot , and in the process fell over on her back. Of course the backpack ,being bigger than she, caused her to turtle in the air... all feet and hands and not getting up. Now a good grandmother would not have laughed, but I never claimed to be good at it, only to have fun at it. Luckily physics was with us and we managed to break the vacuum, retrieve the boot, restore the pride, and send her off on her way. (The good grandmother angel on my shoulder prevented me from getting the camera before rescue attempts were made , or was that fear of retaliation when I am decrepit and she is a teenager?)Anyway,we are all glad for the warmer temps., sad about the loss of snow, and hopeful that the lake will freeze up again before the next snow.

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  1. Oooh, this is one of my favourite topics related to winter walking: kids, pets, other humerous beings, and their reactions to snow. We nee to do further hard-hitting investigations of this phenomenon! Your poor granddaughter; I would have taken her picture in a second, without a thought to the future revenge she could inflict on me.

    p.s. after watching the youtube video you linked to, I was referred to another one (I guess youtube has me pegged as someone interested in pets and walking.) Cats on a Treadmill. In case I'm not the last person on the internet to see this video, here it is:
    We need to give these guys a pedometer or something.