Jan 26, 2009

Accessories turned necessities

The one joy I would take from the winter season is the knowledge that I could coordinate my mitts, scarf and hat with my winter outerwear. Now, do not confuse my love of winter wears with the need for fashion as I have a number of winter woollies I'm not afraid to pull out should the temperature tempt me.

However, despite my general appreciation turned adoration for mitts, hats and scarves, I feel that mother nature is robbing me of this joy.

"How?" you may ask, given that the current temperatures are a playground for such winter wear. Simple. The choice has now been taken away from me. With the FRIGID weather, one can no longer take pleasure in finding the best ensemble to match the coat or opting not to wear all three pieces because you "can't find the matching mitten". Oh no, now it's about survival of the fittest - it's about keeping those appendages warm.

This morning was a cold, bitter walk - wind at my face, rosy cheeks, and a runny nose to boot. There was no sight-seeing or smelling of the proverbial rose this morning. Even the warmest of fabrics can't compensate for the fact that it's cold when you walk!

Now, I could allow this weather to weaken my mood, or - worse - deter me from walking to work (I don't believe there's a call in "cold" day). The reality is we live in Nova Scotia, and it gets cold in the winter (yet somehow we are shocked when this happens?!). Now, such face-blistering weather can make for cranky walks or even provide the perfect excuse for abandoning the outdoor excursion all together. Or, such situations can provide the perfect opportunity to invest in a very warm and hip collection of mitts and hats.

I'm going with the later.

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