Jan 20, 2009


We're Jolene, Melinda, Claire and other walking friends. Heart&Stroke Walkabout is a provincewide initiative of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Nova Scotia focused on building a walking culture in Nova Scotia. We started this blog because, in addition to working on this project, we're simply passionate about walking. Well, Jolene is more passionate about running, but that's another story.

The point is, we want to talk about some of the places walking takes us - less about the exercise (although that's important) and more about the places, people and interesting situations we observe along the way. We're also passionate about walking issues and accessibility and want to use this blog to talk about them. And we want to hear from you. Share your images - a great place you walk, who you walk with (is it a friend, a pet or are you flying solo?) - and your thoughts with us.

Let's see where walking takes us. And so the journey begins.

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