Jan 21, 2009

Our blogging ideas

We want this to be an open community to discuss walking stories, challenges, issues, etc. Mostly we want it to be a place to connect and chat and to share some of the experiences we call life.
We will grow and evolve together, however we thought it would be helpful to set some parameters for our blogging:

More is more- We've set up this blog to purposely allow for more than one blogger. We all have our own experiences and perspectives about walking and walking creates different meaning for all of us! This blog allows us to access different perspectives - from walker turned runner to walking advocate and more. We will have a different blogger for each day Monday-Friday. You can learn more about the different team members by checking out the contributor section.

Let us know! - We want to hear your feedback. We want posts and responses related to the topic of walking. However, posts that are unrelated to this topic or that use inappropriate language will be removed.

Our content - Our blogging team includes individuals who work on the Heart&Stroke Walkabout project. However, we're blogging because we're interested in sharing our experiences and want to learn about other people's experiences. The views of the blog are our views, and while they may share information about the program, they do not represent the views of the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the supporters and sponsors of Walkabout.

That's all for now.

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