Jan 29, 2009

Superman versus Batman

Here’s the thing about walking to work, you never know what you’re going to see or happen upon, which is why I always have a digital camera at the ready. So, on my walk to work this morning in Halifax I happened to walk by a store that had Superman (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superman) and Batman (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batman) signs in the window. (I never usually take this street, but for some reason I did this morning.) This got me to thinking: If there was a battle between Superman and Batman – assuming both were kicked out of the Hall of Justice, which served as the headquarters of the Super Friends team, for unpaid membership dues – who would win?

I agreed with myself that while it would also make for an interesting film, it would not make an Oscar worthy film and would probably go direct to video. Sure, they’ve tried such things in the past; Predator and Alien comes to mind. Right, so back to what I was thinking on my walk. Why not Superman versus Batman?Then I thought it wouldn’t really be a fair fight because Superman has super human strength and flying abilities, while Batman has nada, zilch, nothing, no extraordinary superpowers to speak of. So before I knew it I had passed 15 minutes of my day getting some walking in and taking some pictures all the while not even realizing it.

And then, there I was at the corner, walking sign beckoning me to cross the street. But noticing the green light, I got to thinking again: Superman versus Hulk, who would win?


  1. Hello - I'm a long time reader, but first time poster to this blog. I'm nervous, but here goes.

    I choose to respond to this blog to say that it must be nice to merrily stroll down whatever gentrified route this blogger takes to work. It must be nice to think about imaginary heroes doing imaginary battles while tiptoe-ing to work. But this is a luxurious world unavailable to most.

    I'm here to ground this discussion to remind all that there are real walkers out there, struggling to get to work, trying to get to point A to point B. And they do this not because it's nice, but out of necessity and principle.

    These walkers are the real heroes, and they engage in real battles on a daily basis. They battle snow drifts, concrete jungles, 4 lane highways, speedy cars, and steely angered SUVs. They do not waver, they do not flinch, they just take that next step.

    All those walkers, from the Bayers Roads, to the Penhorn overpasses, those coming from depths of the anti-pedestrian 'burbs, struggling to balance between life and death under the Cogswell exchange – You have a voice - I walk for you!

  2. Heart Mother.

    I couldn’t agree more about who the real superheroes are in the battle to get to work. Like you, I see these unsung heroes trundle to work daily using unsafe sidewalks narrowed to goat-path sizes, heaved with snow, buckled with ice, and groaning under the weight of salt mountains, not because it’s necessarily the preferred way but because there are no phone booths or utility belts to help these superheroes along their way. But I’m curious. Where are our city hall heroes who should be helping these walkers? Why do we have road reports, but not sidewalk reports or phone booth reports? Why do we ticket car owners, yes even you Batman, for violating the city’s overnight ban, but then not ensure homeowners / landlords clear the sidewalks in front of their properties, like those in front of the Hall of Justice? And why do we have to climb snow banks to get onto the bus? I'm pretty sure this would never happen in Gotham City!

    So, with that, let me wax poetic, I see these walkers as modern day heroes who, with apologies to Robert Frost, “knowing how way leads on to way, [they] doubted if [they] should ever come back / [they] shall be telling this with a sigh / somewhere ages and ages hence: [one road and one sidewalk] diverged [under the snow], and [they] – [they] the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.

  3. Hold on. How on earth could Superman get kicked out of the Hall of Justice for unpaid membership dues? Can't he break into any bank? And what kind of security guard could remove a guy that strong from the building?

  4. August's Journey,

    I appreciate the conciliatory tone in your message, but I can't help but question the authenticity in your claim that you really understand what is going on with walkers at the grassroots level... especially after you 'wax poetic'. I know when I walk the intersection of Portland and Gaston in Dartmouth, I'm certainly not thinking of Robert Frost, I'm struggling for survival!

    But August, you're not that out of touch. I like your idea of addressing walking hazards with City Hall... and beyond. I do believe some of our concerns need to get political. We need to galvanize and solidify the walking base and have our footsteps heard across the nation!

  5. Melinda - Who are you? Aren't you just being silly now?