Feb 2, 2009

There's a storm coming re: side walk reports

As the saying goes, if you can't say anything nice, you shouldn't say anything at all. To that end, I should end this blog post now. I guess I'm not a quick study.

I do feel compelled to follow-up to August's Journey's earlier comments re: side walk reports. (See his comment from January 30th, "Why do we have road reports, but not sidewalk reports or phone booth reports?")

It can be problematic and dangerous to walk in winter - even with the proper clothing. Part of a culture of walking could include a change in the measure we use to evaluate safety. In addition to road conditions, it would be great to also include sidewalk reports. I wonder how this idea would be implemented? What is the criteria to assess? How often is it reviewed? In a city with slippery walkways and a requirement to clear paths, such a responsibility could be part of the duties of those who so diligently ticket cars violating winter parking. It's an interesting idea to consider. That's all I'm saying.

Consider this interesting fact reported (Halifax offers parking spots to drivers caught in ban,CBC News, January 28, 2009) : "Since Dec. 15, 9,333 tickets have been issued [in Halifax]. At $25 each, that works out to $233,325."

I wonder your thoughts on the issue.

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  1. Yes, sounds like storms give a windfall of parking tickets in HRM... Why not take that quarter million and use it to actually *plow* the sidewalks?