Feb 5, 2009

Nordic Walkers are cool.

You can imagined how pleased I was to read my latest Velo CB newsleter and see this item:

by: Andre Crpeault, VCB #57
I thought I'd send you some news re the Nordic Walking. Despite the cold and the bitter wind and my own cold-- I've trained 19 people to Nordic Walking since the first week of January. And except for some cold fingers we've had alot of fun. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm at the track next to the Centennial arena(off Cabot street) for regular walks.
And I'm starting a third clinic this Sunday at 2pm. I'm hoping that the Sunday and Friday group will also evolve into a regular walking session.
I've had a number of questions about footwear. You need a flexible sole----- a running or walking shoe is best. A hiking or winter boot with a stiff sole will hinder your progress.
In response to queries re trying the poles Bill at Frameworks has come up with a rental plan. Please see the following note from Bill.
Cheers to Winter - See you at the track,
ps. I can be reached at acrepeau(at)ns.sympatico.ca or by calling 539-9521.

To read more interesting stuff going on here in CB... not just winter walking but winter riding visit the spot

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