Feb 24, 2009

What a weekend

To say it was an amazing weekend in CB is to be understated.
I spent Sunday afternoon at the Hoppitt-Loppitt at Ski Ben Eoin ., a fun family event. The day was made for it, sunny, clear, views from the heavens. I was only sory I couldn't be in Baddeck at the same time, but had a bit of a taste of the Silver Dart Ceclebrations when the F 118s( I think) did a flyby on the way to the Flyby in Baddeck. I wonder whatr.(s) Mc Curdy and Bell would have thought 100 years ago about the technical improvements that allowed their little craft to evolve into the craft I saw?

And speaking of evolving , I spoke to the organizers of the Walking MArathon at the Ski Hill and plans are well underway for a multi distance ( for beginners to pros) Marathon on September 12 in Cb.
and then I got home to this email.

Hi Claire,

I've been holding Nordic Walking clinics since January at the track
next to the Bicentennial Gym off Cabot Street in Sydney. Working
with Velo Cape Breton I've trained 24 people and would like to
continue, so I'm hoping that you can help me get the word out. The
clinic consist of four one hour sessions and people can pick Tuesday
or Thursday at 2pm to 3pm OR Friday at 5:30pm and Sunday at 2pm. I
teach a maximum of 8 people at a time. Now for the good part ----
the clinics are FREE. Participants need nordic walking poles ---
these can be purchased on the net. Locally, Bill at Frameworks
Fitness and Cycle on Townsend Street has them for sale at very competitive prices. He also has a rent to own offer, which is perfect if you want to try the sport out before buying poles.
Just what is Nordic Walking? Using poles while you walk transforms
walking into more of a total body workout. It also lowers the impact
on your hips and knees. To see videos of the sport go to www.keenfit.com . Nordic walking is suitable for people of all ages and athletic ability. The only basic requirement is that you be able to walk
continuously for 20 minutes. To date I've trained people who are
highly athletic to individuals recovering from joint replacement
surgery. But most of all it's a great way to get out and about
winter or summer. The track has been in a good walkable condition even when the sidewalks have been the pits.
If people are interested they can call me Andrée Crépeau at 539-9521 or email me at acrepeau@ns.sympatico.ca

So walk on anyway you want.

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