Feb 17, 2009

What's in your radius?

Thanks to our friends at VELO Cape Breton for finding this interesting spot.


link: http://isocrates.us/bike/2008/12/the-1-mile-solution/

The idea is simple: Find your home on a map. Draw a circle with a 1-mile radius around your home.( My note 1.6 kms) Try to replace one car trip per week within that circle by walking or biking. At an easy riding pace you can travel one mile on a bicycle in about seven minutes . Walking takes about 20 minutes at an easy pace. So what’s within 1 Mile of your house? Check it out at http://walkscore.com/

For me it’s not too hard. If I head north , I can walk to a very neat Island ( this month only! The lake is frozen right now), east I can get the mail,;South, the neighbors are fairly quiet in the cemetery;but South there are lots of neighbors to chat with and a small hobby farm to spend time with the horses, Shetland cattle, and a miniature horse! All cool.

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