Feb 20, 2009

Let's bring it back to Batman...

One of the earlier posts here reminded us that walking lets you observe some strange stuff you might not notice from a car - in this case, a seemingly inexplicable juxtaposition of neon Superman and Batman signs in a store that appeared to be not about comics. We were asked to imagine who would win in a fight, Superman or Batman. And I did give it some thought, unwilling to accept the too-easy answer that Superman's superpowers would make mincemeat of Batman's.... emotional depth...?

Obviously I didn't keep this issue front-of-mind at all times, but I do pass that same eccentric store on my own walk to work (if the sidewalks haven't been cleared along the more-direct residential route - but that's another story!)

Then, this morning, I saw this.

Superman's neon burnt out.

Batman wins by default.

Update: this issue is apparently bigger than I realized. Later that same day (that would be today), I passed a known comic book store in another part of the city, and saw that, at least in this neighbourhood, the controversy is very much still alive.


  1. Why are the photo layouts all weird? Trying to teeter and read around that middle image is like trying to teeter and walk across that horrid bridge across the circumferential near Penhorn.

  2. You're right, Heart Mother. I had the dubious privilege of teetering across that very bridge this weekend, and with my newly-induced sense of mortality (and vertigo), I'm re-reading my post with shame and horror. Why did I not pay more attention to the HTML so that the readers who would follow in my teetering footsteps would have an easier time of it? With my primitive ambling gait, through sidewalks as through blog posts, there's a word for people like me. Meander-thal.

  3. It's interesting what you can find when you're walking a street that you don't often walk. It's a whole new world. When you're driving you have so many things that your focused on (or you should be)- the vehicle in front of you, the guy who is too close behind you, the pedistrians, etc. I walked a street a couple days ago that we usually drive...and I probably noticed 5 or more businesses in which I swear appeared from nowhere. It was great!

    Makes you wonder..what might we be missing? I definitely would have missed Batman's default win.