Apr 29, 2009

I think I'll stick with walking.

As my sister and I walked down the faded grey road we talked about normal things, normal for us anyway. We thought it would be a good day for a nice stroll down the road, so we geared up and started toward the street. After we got walking we were oblivious to how much exercise we were getting. After a while, we found ourselves gawking at a retired doctor's property. The landscaping around his enormous house was gorgeous but there was one thing in particular that caught my eye. A red paved square to the side of his back yard with a big grey fence around it. A tennis court. So, right away my sister and I turned around and walked home, we were pretty physicked after seeing two people running around hitting tennis balls at each other. When we arrived at my house I went straight to the garage and grabbed two tennis rackets and a green tennis ball. We were already geared up in sneakers and gym clothes so we got ready to play some tennis. After we found a good place in my drive way to play we realized a simple fact... neither of us have ever played tennis before in our lives. We decided that if we could play it on the Wii then it couldn't be too difficult, right? Wrong! We're not sport people so after a few blunt head injuries, a small encounter with the Atlantic ocean and a minor dent in mom's Nissan we decided to call it a day. Well, it was fun while it lasted.
Walking takes you places :) but just because it doesn't look like it requires skill doesn't always mean unskilled people can do it although we had lots of fun trying. We have both decided we're going to stick with walking and volleyball for physical activity.
Can you see the world from your car window?

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  1. Hey I played tennis on a tennis court last week with a kid who learned to play on a Wii. Tip for you all.. You have to run all over the court in reality tennis. Lucky for me,we had imaginary tennis rackets so I could imagine I won!It's fun to see how walking takes you to the fun spots .